Lavagnac, a project


Renaissance of the Little
Versailles of Languedoc

Like a jewel, the Castel of the Domain of Lavagnac is dating from the 17th and 18th century. This one is classified in the register of the French Historic Monuments. In the past, it was a place of French nobility. The Castel overlooks the Hérault Valley.

Thanks to its façade and terrace, this one is called the Little Versailles of Languedoc. The story tells that before the Revolution, the Castel of Lavagnac was first the property of the princes of Conti and then of the Daudé d’Alzon’s family. Finally, the Castel became the property of the Chastenet de Puységur and then those of the Suarez of Aulan.

Agriculture, viticulture and sericulture were the main activities of the Domain of Lavagnac. They’re still living through the magnanerie of the Domain of Lavagnac. They’re still living through the magnanerie of the castel, one of the vestige from the silk-worm breeding. Its sheepfold and winery remind us the heritage of the Domain of Lavagnac.

Situation & Territory

Resources of the local

Discover the resources and the heritage of the region : Pézenas, city of Molière located in the hinterland of Hérault ; Sète which is the first port of the French Mediterranean but also the town of Brassens and Paul Valéry ; and finally Montpellier, the festive and atypical city of culture !

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Local and Mediterranean flavors

Allow for the stroll of the senses and flavors

This Mediterranean walk will awake all your senses and know-how to pique your gourmandise. Fall in love with the traditions and regional culinary delicacies through : the flavors of olive oil, freshly caught fish, oysters from the Thau Lagoon, Camargue rice, chestnut, sweet onion from the Cévennes, honey, fruits and vegetables bursting with sunshine, tapenade, anchoïade and wine…