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The Domaine LAVAGNAC offers a collection of Villas and Apartments marketed under the VEFA (Vente en l’Etat Futur d’Achèvement) system.

This collection has been designed to meet your requirements and expectations. The interior design of each property blends seamlessly with the exterior, giving you a sense of luminosity and openness to admire the spectacular view of the golf course designed by NICKLAUS Design.

More information about the stages of the VEFA

Start of construction T1 | June

Planned delivery | September


Exceptional Villas 


The Exceptional Villas of the Domaine LAVAGNAC combine contemporary lines and absolute comfort. Drawing on transparency and the play of light at every moment of the day, their inspiration opens the doors to an authentic and elegant architecture as well as a magnificent view of the Domaine and its golf course designed by NICKLAUS Design.

Contemporary Villas

The Contemporary Villas of the Domaine LAVAGNAC have been developed to stand alone or within the Golf Hamlets. The architecture of these duplex or single-storey villas expresses a certain trend and marks their persistence over time. Each villa reflects the majestic environment of the Domaine, as well as its quietude and its heritage through silkworm breeding: sericulture.


Golf Hamlets 


The desired atmosphere of each Golf Hamlet is based on contemporary architecture, achieved by a selection of materials such as stone, wood, metal and lime plaster. In each hamlet, you can relax and enjoy the magnificent view of the NICKLAUS Design golf course, the luminosity, and cosy atmosphere for an unforgettable experience in the south of France.