International Golf Course

The international 18-hole golf course of Lavagnac combines performance and pleasure of gaming. The golf course will be design by a famous golf architect.

The international 18-hole golf course is located on the Domain of Lavagnac and particularly in the heart of old cultivated plots and afforestation close to the Castel of Lavagnac. Its design will be respectful to the environment and accompanied by the approach ECCORA®.


Hamlets of golfers

Discover the art of living mixing both relaxation and wellness, moments of sharing and passion around the golf.

Located in the heart of the Domain of Lavagnac, the Hamlets of golfers meet each of your desires..


Discover “La Place”

In the heart of the Domain of Lavagnac,

« La Place » is an unusual area for the golf-lovers. « La Place » takes you thanks to its singular identity. Discover this setting of all the meetings where golf-lovers as novices stroll from the proshop to the Lounge within the Golf Center to find a wide range of services.

Just relax and take a break at « L’Ombre des Mûriers » over a good cup of coffee or for discovering the wine « in situ » at the Brasserie of Lavagnac.